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Completed foodraise goals with foodraise reset date indicated using the UTC time zone.

The campus features a weekly foodraise goal where the students are encouraged to collect and hand in various resources for food. The planner book contains collection progress bars, as seen on the right, indicating how much everyone has contributed. The progress bars resets every friday, and in return, seeds are generated for planting.

Food can be deposited and withdrawn from the collection bins located outside, near the kitchen wall, and inside, in the school kitchen. The resources can be eaten one by one by the player or used as an ingredient for cooking (see hunger). The foodraise goal scales depending on how much was contributed before the reset. The foodraise is an optional objective in the game, as completing the quota alone is difficult and time consuming work. It is intended in the future that cooking food and handing in food resources will reward the player with various items, such as unlockable cosmetics, new clothes or furnitures, or even a dorm room for the player. A log of withdraws and deposits can be accessed by the piece of paper near the collection bins, as well as through an URL in the browser.

Foodraise resources can all be caught and harvested using various tools.


Vegetations are plants that are planted, watered, and harvested. They need to be planted with a shovelknife and watered with a waterbucket.

This task is suitable for the more committed type of player, since the plants need to be regularly cared for and watered now and then. However, with enough patience and dedication, you can harvest a lot of produce. It also looks nice.

See planting.


Bugs are creatures that spawn outside and can be caught with a bugnet.

This task is suited for players who don't mind running around and waiting for creatures to appear to catch them. It can take a while to build up the count of bugs, but it's easy, straight forward work. Swinging the net can take some time to get used to.

See bugfinding.


Mushrooms are fungus that slowly grows in the forest. They can be dug up with a shovelknife.

This task is suited for players who play every now and then, since the mushrooms take a while to respawn, typically a day or two. Each harvest can randomly yield several mushrooms.

See harvesting.


Fishes are creatures that hang out at the small campus lake and the big forest lake. They can be fished with a fishingpole.

This task is suited for players with a lot of patience and waiting. It's peaceful but time-consuming, but almost always results in a stable yield.

See fishing.