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Completed foodraise goals with foodraise reset date.

The game features a weekly goal called the foodraise. The foodraise is meant to encourage players to collect and hand in various types of resources, both for the in-world reason of continuing survival but to also introduce a gameplay loop with personal rewards. The student planner contains collection progress bars, as seen on the right, indicating how much everyone has contributed so far during the workweek.

The collective foodraise resets and starts over each week at 08.00 on Monday and stops progress at 08.00 on Friday. This time period is called a workweek. The time period in-between the workweek is nicknamed the weekend, a time where NPCs can respond to the foodraise effort.

Each individual contribution is kept track of and is called personal contribution. There is a similar hidden bar called foodraise contribution, which represents the personal contribution you've made before the foodraise ended.

Food resources can be deposited to the collection bins located near the kitchen wall (close to the sanctuary).



By contributing resources during the workweek (Mon-Fri), you help raise the common goals. These are represented by the green bars in the planner. When it becomes the weekend, the bars fade out and your contribution does not affect them anymore. Remember, foodraise contribution is personal contribution but only counts before the foodraise ends.

A successful foodraise unlocks the following:

  • Merka gets happy and gives you special rewards, the amount of rewards being dependent on your foodraise contribution.
  • Everyone is permitted to wear casual clothes from the point of completion and onwards.
  • Random seeds are generated and placed in the seed box at the kitchen (outside/inside).


Throughout the week (including weekend), as you contribute resources, your personal contribution percentage will increase. This progress is represented by the yellow bar in the planner and on the slip of paper on the kitchen facade next to the seed box. Administrators and NPCs are able to see your personal contribution at all times. If you are the owner of a room, the combined contribution (of all room owners) percentage is displayed on the sign next to your room door.

The personal contribution threshold (100% personal) is based on a hidden metric according to the current foodraise goal amount.

Raising your personal contribution results in the following:

  • For every 100%, 200% and 300%, you will gain one token. A token can be used to exchange with various unlockables available in the collection catalog.
  • If you are the owner of a room, the bi-weekly check to keep the room requires 100% combined contribution (for singles room) or 200% combined contribution (for twins room).
    • Note that this requirement is inactive while there are vacant rooms available.
  • If you've reached 100% personal contribution before the foodraise is completed, you are allowed to wear your casual clothes immediately.

Resource types

Foodraise resources can all be farmed using various tools.


Vegetations are plants that are planted, watered, and harvested. They need to be planted with a shovelknife and watered with a waterbucket. This task is suitable for the more committed type of player, since the plants need to be regularly cared for and watered now and then. However, with enough patience and dedication, you can harvest a lot of produce. It also looks nice. See planting.


Bugs are creatures that spawn outside and can be caught with a bugnet. This task is suited for players who don't mind running around and waiting for creatures to appear to catch them. It can take a while to build up the count of bugs, but it's easy, straight forward work. Swinging the net can take some time to get used to. See bugfinding.


Mushrooms are fungus that slowly grows in the forest. They can be dug up with a shovelknife. This task is suited for players who play every now and then, since the mushrooms take a while to respawn, typically a day or two. Each harvest can randomly yield several mushrooms. See harvesting.


Fishes are creatures that hang out at the small campus lake and the big forest lake. They can be fished with a fishing pole. This task is suited for players with a lot of patience and waiting. It's peaceful but time-consuming, but always results in a stable yield and can even be automated with scripting. See fishing.