The Kemoverse is the main Universe where everything told here exists and plays out in.

The world in the Kemoverse is based off our Earth, but changed dramatically from various events, most notably "The Eradication" which forced feral animals to evolve in to Neofur, later Kemonae to replace the Earth's population over the course of centuries. During this time, the climate changed significantly due to massive biological and ecological changes and led to various alterations such as risen sea levels and shifted global temperatures. The habitable zones of the planet were globally shifted upwards, and so most of the civilization lives in the upper area of the northern hemisphere.

The Kemonae are distributed on the surface along coasts, mountains, forests, and rivers, divided in to regions and often in sparse clustered villages and towns. Due to their inherent free nature, dense population centers are since long abandoned as they prefer to live in medium to small towns scattered around the land. The majority of the Kemonae works as cultivators for plants (horticulture) and sealife (aquaculture), but it's also common to work in civil service and technical maintenance. Education is standardized and accessible, with greater attention aimed at individual growth due to the lesser attendance count. They speak and write a common, synthesized language across the world called Cyranese.

Nature and vegetation has a large role in the ecosystem, having overtaken abandoned areas since a long time ago as well as having evolved new functions and forms. Uninhabitated areas tend to be packed with vegetation such as fungi and berries, with a thriving life of insects and small animals. In the sea, various aquatic types such as fishes, eels, rays but also hard-shelled animals live in the oceans and lakes. Due to the effect of a raised global temperature over the course of centuries, the areas close to the equator such as the mediterranean has transformed in to a desert and the habitable zone has moved upwards towards the north regions. Sea levels has also risen, having altered the coastlines and submerged landmasses which were previously above surface.