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Everything written here is from my perspective. This details what my meta thoughts are about this project.

The Kemoverse is a world of Kemonos that I imagine would exist if humans were slapped back to its roots when we tried to remove the last bits of biological ancestry we have in order to proceed to our next step of evolution. In the worst case, it wouldn't be possible, and in the best case it would make us in to a completely different species and lose what made us special. The fact that we are so closely tied to the natural biology of planet Earth combined with our comical willful ignorance makes me want to imagine a world where our eagerness to purge the "inefficiency" and "limits" has catastrophically reverted us back to our roots... where we belong.

Humans aren't made to become technological cyborgs, and no matter how much we try to fuse it within us it's not going to work perfectly. Even if it did, what else is left of us? Isn't it our passion, drive, courage and willpower to get through times of struggle that brings out our best human qualities? What if our natural impulses and flaws are gone, what are we to become then if not perfect robots? Then we take over space. Then what? Part of the human experience that we grew from is of reckless instincts left over from our ancestors and the common struggle to understand and tame them. And yet, the most brilliant philosopher with the best control over themselves have annoying instincts. It brings all of us on to an equal raw level.