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Since hunger is a mechanic in Kemoverse Online it is a good idea to create stews with your fellow players to keep everyone fed. After getting the supplies to make food you'll need to know how to start making your very own stew.

Steps for Stewing

  1. Put on your kitchen outfit. It is located on the very right side of the room.
  2. Grab a bucket and fill it with water from a sink. Add the water to the pot, make sure it is full.
  3. Get the prep tray that is on the kitchen sinks in the right of the room. Just to the left of your outfit.
  4. Collect or get a food item from your pack and put it on the tray. Remember on the very right side of the pack inventory there are "food categories" you can select. Click one of your foods and it will be put on the tray automatically. Be sure to check the foodraise boxes on the very left of the kitchen for fresh vegetables and more.
    1. Vegetables can be found in the vegetable box under the counter.
    2. Mushrooms can be found in the mushroom basket on top of the counter.
    3. Bugs can be found on top of the counter at the very end with a worm and butterfly icon on it.
    4. Fish can be found under the counter at the very end in a strange looking tub.
  5. Wash food ingredient at the kitchen sink. Interact with the sink by clicking the faucet.
  6. Prepare your food ingredient. It may need to be cut or sliced depending on the ingredient.
    1. Cut your food ingredient at the cutting board near the boxes directly behind you and the sink.
    2. Slice your food ingredient with the slicing board on the counter on the left side of the room.
  7. Put your food ingredient in the pot.
  8. Stir a bit. You don't need any item to do this. Just interact with the pot and click stir.
  9. Wait a really long time and check the pot. It should say the food items are "cooked" instead of "uncooked".
  10. Grab a bowl and enjoy with everyone.