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Heyo, I'm Echo!

Welcome to my wiki!

Who I am

Mugshot of me in my waldo shirt

I'm your not-so-average geek with too many hobbies. Despite the fact I'm in this funny animal talking game, I am not a furry.
How social I am depends on how bored I am, but I am a good listener regardless and I love hearing your conversations!
To be honest there's not much I can say about myself, I leave most of my personality to personal interpretation. I'd love to hear yours :)

My Many Hobbies

Note: This is not a full list. My hobbies are always changing and I'm exploring new things.
  • Art
    • I don't draw many people/faces anymore, however I am able to. (Just not furries, I can't draw those)
      • I draw overdetailed stick figures
    • Cars
    • Calligraphy
    • Other stuff for mini projects I do
  • Photography
    • Cars
    • Cities and streets
    • Editing, colour correcting
  • Technology
    • Tech history
    • Software
    • UI/UX Design
    • Apple fan
    • I don't know any programming (outside of Scratch (pitiful)), But I do know a thing or two about frontend

And more!


One fine day in June of 2023, I was bored of playing Forza Horizon 5, so my venture for a game to chill out in began.
I found myself on, and was looking through the hundreds of games and saw Kemoverse Online standing out.
"Not another furry game", I sighed to my friend, who was in a call with me at the time.
For reasons I wish to stay confidential, we decided to kill some boredom by downloading the game. We laughed our way through the character creation and prologue cutscene, and were launched into the server. As luck would have it, the server was very populated. I got introduced to the community and found it very chill. I decided to stay a bit longer, joined the Discord and whatnot. The rest is history.


I don't use any major social media, like Instagram or Twit-AHEM "X" (anymore)
However, Here's the ones I do use.
Discord: (theecho.).
Yep. That's the only way to contact me, not including in-game, email, and WhatsApp.


Check out my Alpha Universe, where I post my photography! (There's not much right now, but it'll grow eventually)

Graphic design is my passion