Catching bugs can be done by using a bug net. It can be found near the kitchen building directly to the right of the collection boxes. To catch bugs, it is as simple as swinging it in a precise manner and catching the bugs.

Isesz worms crawling near crops.


Bugs spawn in various areas of the map. The following bugs can be found and caught. They appear at their spawn locations consistently during the day and are a reliable way to catch something to eat.



An Isesz is a small worm that crawls along the ground.

Spawn locations

  • Along the south wall of the school building, where the planting plots are located.



A Marzka is a kind of pale butterfly.

Spawn Locations

  • Among the clusters of red flowers south of the central campus tree
  • In the tall reeds near the school kitchen. Butterflies will be flying around and can be easily spotted if you nose around the kitchen a bit.
  • In the forest near a certain tree stump.



Otkjata seem to be very close to or if not entirely just regular grasshoppers. They are green and will be seen hopping decent distance through the air. They can be easily missed due to their small size.

Spawn Locations

  • Near the exit to the forest which has a hammock tied to two trees nearby. The path to get to this also had some tall reeds with an additional grasshopper or two before you even get there.



An Emer is a snail that can be found in the forest.



A Jaskia is a snake that is often found crawling in the forest during night. Despite not being a bug they are treated categorically as one so for the purposes of this listing are here.