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This page details the progress of Kemoverse Online alpha builds. Alpha builds are unstable versions to test and implement new features. The final goal (and then upgrading to Beta status) is to implement the most important game mechanics; such as a gameplay loop, crucial social features, most customization options and make sure the idea of the game actually works in practice.


Started Ended
Spring 2019 Spring 2020

Pre-alpha was the process of porting the existing code from Unity in to godot, which mostly consisted of "existence" code such as being able to walk around, focus on things, turn your head, and load different scenes as well as implementing a basic user interface, character creation and few basic items to look around you. So basically, the essential stuff to get up and going. I released only a few pre-alpha builds as I was figuring out where to take this project, and until I had a clear view, I just wanted to get the groundwork down.

Alpha 1[edit]

Alpha 1, although, I didn't add the "Alpha 1" label until right before releasing this build.
Started Ended
June 2020 August 2020

Alpha 1 was to implement proper character customization and multiplayer synchronization. For this, I created the Kemoverse Server that keeps track of players in the world as well as saving custom user data in a database that is directly connected to the Kemoverse Forums user account. The character customization was also updated to allow for individual coloring of either mesh parts or of texture parts of the clothes. Character customizations are made to be saved and loaded as a long text code.

Alpha 2[edit]

Tko 20201128 223459.png
Started Ended
September 2020 November 2020

  • Changed company name and updated Login/Intro screen
  • Improved some repeating textures
  • Improved spawning system
  • Added motion blur and CRT effect
  • Improved some equipment and added flashlight
  • Lots and lots of various small fixes
  • Refined and standardized ambient feeling in every area
    • Refined main school (/l school_main) and library (/l school_main_lib)
    • Refined workshop (/l school_workshop) and added rooms (_art, _photo, _lab, etc)
    • Refined church (/l school_church)
  • Improved target menu (the menu that appears when interacting with something)
  • Improved quickmenu (bottom right icons) with hotkeys Z,X,C,V
    • C interacts with the closest interactable object
    • V either cycles pose, stops an emote or unequips an equipped item
  • Expanded "pack" and "area" main menu tab

Alpha 2, named the "Theme update", was to implement a day and night cycle and special feelings in to each and every currently implemented are of the game. 3D models were refined and reimported due to a fixed bug in Godot and shadow baking was massively improved. The interaction menu and the UI were further refined and streamlined and some functionality was added, namely the motion blur. All of the interior areas were cleaned up.

Alpha 3[edit]

Tko 20201220 122214.png
Started Ended
December 2020 January 2021
  • Implementation of phone and book
  • Tweaking models

Alpha 4[edit]

Tko 20210428 140332.png
Started Ended
April 2021 May 2021
  • Improved interactions with objects (door, chair, etc)
  • Better camera edge detection
  • New Felinae race model
  • Remake most animations
  • Room customization, with item placement and wallpaper/floor
  • Vehicles (skateboard, computer chair)
  • Computer Touhou-like game
  • RigidBody physics
  • Raindrop shader
  • Vending machine
  • Lowered system requirements and lowered cpu usage
  • Added music playing and visualizer system
  • More map/worldbuilding

Alpha 5[edit]

Tko 20210625 151606.png
Tko 20210625 153122.png
Started Finished
May 2021 June 2021

Kemze was started.

  • Intro video and cutscene work
  • Redesigned character customization
  • Many more character and clothing patterns
  • Weather transitions
  • Sound and ambience tracks
  • Music demos in certain areas
  • Player savefile and story progression
  • Overhauled and streamlined UI
  • New player tag look
  • Student book and phone menus functional

Later, the first trailer was released.

Alpha 6[edit]

Tko 20210809 022606.png
Started Finished
June 2021 August 2021

Summer update.

  • Fleshing out room customization


There was a year-long development hiatus due to life changes and the need to reflect on the content, purpose and goal of the game. The initial ideas and plan were very ambitious (but also open to change), however, the content beyond the school wasn't fleshed out and the planned features were too heavy. After taking this year-long break to think about the worldbuilding and the contents of it, it reached a more mature level.

Alpha 7[edit]

Tko 20220920 062523.png
Started Finished
July 2022 October 2022

Post-college update. Lots of cool enhancements to the world.

  • Redesigned campus environment with new buildings and nature
  • New trees and vegetation that sways in the wind
  • Added a moon during the night
  • New loading screen with loading bar
  • Introduced gardening and bug-catching systems with special tools
  • Added some prototype music to the campus.
  • Improved light and shading systems, shadows now enabled
  • Improved reflections
  • Improved furry face detail and expressions
  • Introduced LOD system
  • Better sounds and ambient tracks
  • Redesigned and improved all haircuts
  • Fixed clothing clipping issues

Alpha 8[edit]

Tko 20221112 192415.png
Tko 20221114 235242.png
Started Finished
October 2022 November 2022

Yet another attempt at working full-time on this thing. Let's hope this works. Lots of exciting updates!

  • Hugely improved LOD system
  • Increased performance and setting toggles
  • Introduced character schedules and actionscript editor
  • Improved all emotes and animations
  • Improved face animations
  • Made the character mood settings work
  • Fixed and improved the idle animations (G and Ctrl+G)
  • Fleshed out school main/lib/loc
  • Text color depends on distance
  • Fixed players facing the wrong way when logging in
  • Chat icons and custom text effects
  • New intro video and story cutscene

Alpha 9[edit]

Tko 20221213 104242.png
Started Finished
November 2022 December 2022

Development pace picked up. Lots of changes and new players. It's fun!

  • Added the forest area with mushrooms and a big lake
  • Added the Foodraise goals, collect resources and hand them in!
  • There aren't any rewards yet, awaiting player feedback of this gameplay
  • Added two new tools: shovel and fishing rod
  • Shovel makes server-side plants and digs up mushrooms
  • Fishing rod lets you fish in the lakes
  • Added sticky notes
  • Updated campus, library music and added forest music
  • Added running by rapidly tapping the A and D keys
  • Added customizable and tradeable player cards with plenty of stickers and backgrounds
  • Added animation/indicator when typing a lot of text
  • Inventory items can now be scaled
  • Fixed random connection drops and added auto reconnection
  • Fixed unrecoverable camera (still glitches but should be fixed with restart)
  • Added scheduling for yourself to automatically manage your scripts
  • Added a command to load other scripts, making chained scripts possible
  • Implemented stylish volumetric lights with toggleable dynamic lights
  • Added water rings and sound effects on water surfaces
  • Implemented random weather in server and improved all weathers
  • Performance improvements everywhere
  • Added a piece of paper at the center tree that tells you who is online
  • Moved character customization to the student room.
  • Made Linux/Mac versions

Alpha 9.2[edit]

Tko 20230211 213253.png
Started Finished
December 2022 December 2022

Some bugfixes.

  • Disabled collision on dirt plot
  • Added projector streaming functionality (very alpha)
  • Fixed plot overwatering issue
  • Fixed bouncing player issue
  • Improved performance when joining area with lots of entities
  • Added a paper at the collection boxes with a log of foodraise submissions
  • Added a bunch of torches around campus and made them affect scenery
  • Fixed darkness of night time indoor/outdoor
  • Added some new year fun stuff
  • Added wave emote

Alpha 10[edit]

Tko 20230319 102739.png
Tko 20230319 000541.png
Tko 20230319 001652.png
Tko 20230312 224721.png
Started Finished
February 2023 March 2023

The "KemZrave update", an update focused on posing/emoting and the dog race.

  • Added a new dog race
  • Added a character picker at the start of the game
  • Improved server connection by moving to new host
  • Fine-tuned clothing styles for felinae
  • All window popups now save and load position correctly
  • Browser window is now resizable and loads automatically on open
  • CEF can now be downloaded automatically in-game
  • Digging piles under stuff is not glitchy anymore
  • New savefile saving system, should prevent corruption
  • Moved Emotes main menu tab in to two separate windows:
    • "Emoter" to show all built-in emotes and your own emotes
    • "Poser" to move your bodyparts around in real-time
    • "Animator" to create custom animations for yourself
  • Moving camera now fades open windows
  • Cutscenes are now skippable
  • Planting plants now require seeds
    • Seeds are not given out at the moment
  • Flashlight dark bug fixed
  • Can now move in place by holding LMB
  • Fixed some NPC bugs
    • Merka now sleeps properly on the desk
  • NPCs now turn correctly and start living their lives when game loads
  • Fixed using items using it for everyone else
  • Moved animation code to native module, improving performance
  • Server now has maximum 64 clients
  • Server can now send custom objects to load, providing more dynamic environments (for events, etc)
    • Server can now also make custom event scripts for NPCs.
  • Actionscripts commands do not use one letter commands anymore.
    • This means that scripts you've written needs to be fixed.

Alpha 11[edit]

Tko 20230427 172623.png
Tko 20230429 223239.png
Started Finished
March 2023 April 2023

The "Kitchen update".

  • Fixed focused objects sometimes not highlighting.
  • Fixed player sliding down slopes when animating.
  • NPCs no longer merge with you when sitting at your seat.
  • Added Kitchen and School basement areas, with music for the Kitchen.
  • Kitchen introduces food making mechanics to the game.
    • Added several equipments: knife, bowl, prepping tray
  • Added a hunger and energy mechanic.
    • Getting hungry will make your energy drop faster.
    • Low energy will make you unable to run. or do strenous activities like planting or fishing.
    • You can recover energy by sitting or laying.
  • Added a first person camera mode by zooming in all the way.
  • Added a new NPC: Retakatekt
    • Retak is the nightwatch of the school, who guards the entrance and keeps the peace during the evening.
  • Retired the phone and replaced it with the Eventpad, a calendar that lists upcoming events.
  • Card menu now has folders for organizing them.
  • The "Occupied" toggle switch in the planner now works. Toggle it on to prevent interactions from others.
  • Added a slingshot toy that can knock other people holding a slingshot down.
  • The pipe and catching net now knocks people down properly.
  • Your pose now might randomly switch stance after standing still for a bit.

Alpha 12[edit]

Started Finished
April 2023 May 2023
  • Music played through the browser is now played physically in the game.
  • Adjusted the music visualizer in the bottom left to be more accurate.
  • Fixed issues of character customization sliders not applying.
  • Fixed the soup always being dirty and unsliced.
  • Fixed camera glitching out a bit when laying down.
  • Seeds now show correct names.
  • The mushroom collection bins are now working correctly.
  • Improved performance of baking alpha textures.
  • Better savefile saving, should prevent most (if not all) corruptions.
  • New walking animation for dog race.
  • Changed the mouse behavior so that hovering on objects highlights them, and pressing once brings up the menu.
  • Added a room tab at the bottom menu. (Incomplete)
  • Updated the look tab with an unlockable lister, and a working accessory hider.
    • Different outfits are available and swappable now in the look tab.
  • You are now forced to wear uniforms every monday until either of these conditions:
    • The food raise gets completed. Everyone can wear their personal clothes.
    • You hand in enough food to the collection bins. You get to wear your personal clothes.
  • Improved entity performance when loading from server
  • AFK status when unfocused from the game