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Status: Alpha
Public release: 2021
Official page:

Kemoverse Online is a kemono-themed online social playground game where you play as a student of a school, (in lore called a "cultural disciplinary center"). Kemoverse Online is the realization of a worldbuilding project that lets you play alongside other players and participate in the duties and adventures available in the world of the Kemoverse.

The game is downloadable, free, from


The game takes place in the Kemoverse world. The school and campus are part of the small town Khara, a town deep in the forests of the northern hemisphere. You play as a Kemonae student enrolled at the school, which is a disciplinary center meant to prepare you to live your life in town. Through guidance and lessons held by school staff, you will learn the tips and tricks needed to survive and cooperate along with the rest of the town members, and you will find your purpose and duty!


In-game meetup.
Night time

As a new player to the game, you begin by creating and customizing your own avatar based on the two available species: Felinae (cat) and Canidae (dog), mixing and matching patterns and colors, as well as picking a character name. When you're done, your character awakens on the campus of school where Sera, the main protagonist of the game, wakes you up and helps you to safety. Merka, the head of the school, takes care of you and writes you in as a student. That is the beginning of your story in the Kemoverse.

In the campus, you will be helping out with many tasks that helps upkeep the place, such as hunting bugs, cooking food, sowing plants, cleaning spaces, and so on. All of these tasks are cooperative in nature, and relies on you helping out with your fellow classmate in order to keep playing. You also have the option to work harder in return for even nicer rewards, such as having your own personal room and items.

Aside from the mandatory tasks, you are free to socialize and participate in various events held by both the official game creators as well as other players, such as movie-watching nights, cafe nights or rave parties. These are completely free and does not demand anything from you.


Kemoverse Online was started in 2015 from various prototypes in Unity.

Since 2018, it has been ported and continued to be developed in Godot game engine.

You can read a list of alpha builds here: Changelog.