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Here is a small index of past, current, and future events planned for the enjoyment of the community.

KemZrave 1

March 18, 2023

KemZrave 1 was the first music event where live DJs were performing for the game through the in-game web browser. It was held at the school rooftop (nicknamed 'raveyard') that was decorated with a bunch of mushrooms, benches, and of course sweet berry drinks and an improvised DJ table set. Three DJs performed: sheepsheep, zertomio and bartz99, playing a variety of electronic music throughout the night.

KemZrave 2: a Taste of ACID

July 29, 2023

KemZrave 2 is an upcoming music event featuring four DJs playing four hours of electronic dance music. It is held at the basement under the school with a theme of acid, butterflies and featuring a new character. The event is played alongside with live cutscenes written specifically for the occassion, as well as the characters coming to life through-out the experience, sharing the event together with you! The posters were printed and sold at the Kemze Ko-Fi shop.