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Hello there.

Hello. I'm the creator and main developer of Kemoverse and Kemoverse Online. Cool stuff, huh. I've learned everything on my own - programming, 3d modelling, drawing, writing, animating, you name it. You see, creating is my passion. I love to create this virtual environment. It is my passion and duty. That's why I want to make this my main occupation.

About me

Who am I? That's a good question. A netizen, for one, and a creator, for two. For the third.. I'm myself. My thoughts run deep as I wake up and tackle on the day.

I pay attention to a lot of things. The smaller details, the big picture. I have high spatial and empathetic skills that has been useful in worldbuilding and creating experiences for others. I have an easy time placing myself in other people's shoes.

Despite my neutral demeanor, I can be an emotional person. Emotions are what brings meaning and life to the world, right? The challenge is to control it. I do so by relying on my intelligence. I pay attention, analyse, put everything in context and come to my senses. There's always a reason for anything to happen.

About Kemoverse

Kemoverse is my (not so) little project to make a serious furry game. I work together with Lumi who I assign various tasks, such as making textures, write character scripts, create weathers and other such thematic elements. Meanwhile, I do everything else: all the characters, areas, moods, items, systems and interfaces, and I create everything in Godot, Krita or Blender.

Most importantly, I make sure the game is actually fun and motivating to play, and that there's no bugs and things are intuitively understood! I know it's a big task... but I love it! I hope one day we can work full time on this project.

I invite you to take part and follow along the Kemoverse journey, and hopefully you will get as much out of it as I do!

Random pictures