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Eyetec is the primary biotechnological feature of Neofur used to provide a communication interface between the biological body and data machines capable of exchanging the Eyetec communication protocol. It was pioneered by Nadeko Research Institute and incorporated in to the Neofur gene.

Linking is done by facing the subject's Eyes towards an Eyetec Translator, by which then an initialization sequence will occur and lock the two counterparts together. After both systems are initialized, a series of automatic calibrations will occur and data will be permitted to flow in either direction. When either side of the interface is finished, a shutdown request must be sent, by which then a deinitialization sequence will start and bring the Neofur back to normal awareness.

Eyetec was prominent in early Neofurs. However, it was slowly eroded over time due to its highly volatile nature. The complexity of the protocol and machines prevents the Eyetec Artifacts to be fully re-created. But given the right resources, Neofurs may successfully re-implement a basic version of it in themselves.

Disturbing the communication interface can prove fatal. Do not shut it down improperly without the correct deinitialization procedures.



Linking procedure

Communication protocol