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Mushrooming activity.

Harvesting mushrooms is done using a shovel. There are several types of mushrooms in the forest, the entrance to it found in the back of the campus between the sanctuary and the student houses. You can harvest a mushroom by aiming yourself towards it, digging with your shovel, and you will harvest it in to your inventory provided it isn't moldy.



A ring of dome shaped Aratz mushrooms.

Aratz are a very plain looking brown mushroom. Their smooth dome shape gives them away and small size by comparison sets them apart from the rest.


Two massive Kamenas mushrooms.

Kamenas are mushrooms with a very saucer like shape. They are white/tan at the bottom of the shape, have a blue stripe in the middle, and then brown at the top. They can grow to be rather large when fully grown.


Two tall and pointy Letjza mushrooms.

A Letjza is a tall brown and white pointy mushroom.


Two tall and pointy Letjza mushrooms.

Siloza is a mushroom that grows on tree stumps. It is white in color and has a thin stipe.


Two tall and pointy Letjza mushrooms.

Tzenk is a rare mushroom that resembles a small yellow flower in its shape.


Two tall and pointy Letjza mushrooms.

Ekar is a mushroom of small size with an overflow from light green to purple. The cap has a shape as if it flows.


Two tall and pointy Letjza mushrooms.

Alanarh is a rare large mushroom with a black cap and a white stipe with red spots.