Khara is a small town in the northern hemisphere that has a sizeable population of Kemonae. It is located near a large body of water, and thus its main type of activities are centered on fishing. It is also frequently used as a trading passage-way between other nearby towns.

A hard-working letter carrier doing the rounds around Khara central.

Khara is divided in to various areas, all inside the confines of a wall built to keep the populations safe.


Lower area

The lower area contains unusually thick forest, and is home to the Cultural Disciplinary Center, most notable for being the featured playable area in Kemoverse Online.

Middle area

The middle area contains town halls, four to five tall residential buildings, several soup kitchens and caretaking centers, as well as many homes and houses modified and joined together to create smaller clusters of communities.

Upper area

The upper area contains mostly industrial centers for producing various raw materials for construction and reparation.