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The language of the Kemoverse is primarily based on a synthesized linguistic design that was made specifically for the Neofur gene. Named Cyranese, it is the most common language spoken by Kemonae, deriving primarily from the sounds of the eastern world. It is understood and spoken natively by almost everyone due to the Neofur heritage, but varies widely in dialect through-out the world.

Grammar and vocabulary[edit]

I should learn more about language before trying to describe it. Grammar = ??. lots of vowel play. z likes to accompany t/k. z can be ch. m/p is extremely rare. h can go with t.

in general, try to speak as if your lips were 3/4th paralyzed.

Vowels = a,e,o,i,u ; Consonant = t,k,r,z,n,s,p,y,h,m


Are, Is, My, Your, Us, Yous = Ar, Ka, Mer, Ten, La

Adjectives = Karenz, Maskur, Teran, Zakter, etc

Nouns = Mesola, Tenkini, Kara, Matze, Zenkha

Compounds = An-Kara, Tales-te, Pal-man

Adjectives can also be used to describe active objects, kind of like verbs but in a descriptive way (eg. "Open-y Kemono + Door")