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An unknown artists' depiction of Nova.

Nova is the common mythical figure for the Kemonae that acts as a role model for various ideals, values and mindset for living. Nova is often depicted as a blob of light, often in motion and holding a strobe of light at the front. However, this isn't the only depiction, as Nova can also take on various other anthropomorphic shapes, such as appearing in Kemonae form.

It is important to note that Nova is seen as neither a diety or a creator, but more as a guider or fighter, as it is commonly agreed upon that Nova is the one common ancestor for all descendants of Kemonae. The purpose of keeping Nova in mind is to feel a sense of respect towards both the environment, but also towards others for the purpose of continued survival in the world.


In general, as a sign of being humble, Nova is not depicted on to everything that the Kemonae sees or hears, instead, it is agreed that thinking or remembering Nova is enough to carry on with the day. Speeches and discussions about Nova are encouraged, particularly if it helps motivate and reinforce beliefs and values, either in daily life or through tough situations.