Question options about dorms

In Kemoverse Online there is a hostel where you can take your own room. It can be decorated with furniture that you buy through a notebook for tokens that you receive for a personal goal.
There are two types of rooms in the hostel, which are separated by floors. On the lower floor there are rooms for one. On the upper second floor there are rooms for two.
Double room is bigger than single.

Getting a room

To get your room, you need to ask Merka about the dorms. After that, several variants of the question about them will be opened.
You can ask about the status of the room, if it already exists, or get it. And also ask Merka herself for information about the rooms. After you ask Merka to give you a room, you need to show her the available one and talk to her. After that, you will get the right to this room and will be able to edit. To get a room, nothing is needed except contacting Merka.
But in order for this room to remain yours, you need to constantly help with foodraise. Otherwise, you will be evicted and the room will be available to everyone again.

Decorating rooms


The room can be changed through the menu, which is located on the right of the screen. It appears only when you are in your room. In the "Details" you can change the status of the room:

  • By pressing the key, you can close the room. But when inspecting rooms, it should be opened.
  • The signature that will be on the board near the entrance to the room.
  • Description of the room that appears when entering the room.
  • A list of players who can be pinged or kicked by the owner of the room.
  • And also a switch that makes it possible to put a Playercard on the board instead of a signature.

In the "Scene" you can change the wallpaper and the floor, which you purchase in the collection for tokens, as themes.
In the "Objects" you can select the furniture that you have purchased. All furniture is divided into different categories, which can be selected from the top of the menu.
In the "Editor", you can select a specific object that you have already placed in the room and change its settings and/or position.