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The Subjects were genetical experiments performed in Japanese biotechnological facilities before The Eradication.


The Subjects begun as biological modification experiments at Nadeko Research Institute in 1998 AD as a response to the growing requirements of testing modern medicine. After several trials with mixed results using the supernetwork Latrix and with growing concern among other institutions about the scientific ethical implications, the developments continued in underground laboratories under the disguise of working to find a cure for cancer.

The Neofur gene was created from the stem-cell research made by Japanese bioengineer Tobei Hayuata, who in turn based it on the research made by Soviet surgeon Alexander Vishnevsky. Using the capabilities of the supernetwork, a working animal-human gene was conceived and lauded by Nadeko scientists, documenting potential to be extremely profitable. It was kept in strict secrecy amongst the researches due to its notable potency. During 1998-2002 AD, at a rate of roughly one time a month, a new revision of the gene was pushed to be tested in fertilized cells to concieve a creature.

As time went on, the Nadeko Institute received less grants each year and was pressured more and more to provide results. Plagued by repeated failures and intermittent semi-successes, scientists eventually took decisions for reasons lost in time that led to the creation of Subject 51, the creature that was said to have caused The Eradication.

Sub-01 to Sub-51

Subject Result Notes
Sub-01 Couldn't fertilize init
Sub-02 Failure.
Sub-03 Couldn't fertilize. struggled?
Sub-04 N/A
Sub-05 N/A
Sub-06 N/A
Sub-07 N/A
Sub-08 N/A
Sub-09 N/A
Sub-10 N/A
Sub-11 N/A
Sub-12 N/A
Sub-13 N/A
Sub-14 N/A
Sub-15 N/A
Sub-16 N/A
Sub-17 N/A
Sub-18 N/A
Sub-19 N/A
Sub-20 N/A
Subject Result Notes
Sub-21 N/A
Sub-22 N/A
Sub-23 N/A
Sub-24 N/A
Sub-25 N/A
Sub-26 N/A
Sub-27 N/A
Sub-28 N/A
Sub-29 N/A
Sub-30 N/A
Sub-31 Hyperactivity until death.
Sub-32 N/A
Sub-33 N/A
Sub-34 N/A
Sub-35 N/A
Sub-36 N/A
Sub-37 N/A
Sub-38 N/A
Sub-39 N/A
Sub-40 N/A
Subject Result Notes
Sub-41 N/A
Sub-42 N/A
Sub-43 N/A
Sub-44 N/A
Sub-45 N/A
Sub-46 N/A
Sub-47 N/A
Sub-48 N/A
Sub-49 Died within hours from starvation. C-441 with digestive modifications
Sub-50 Died within hours.


Sub-51 (commonly known as "Godmother") was the final known product of the experiments. Due to an overabundance of energy from heavy injections, the cells multiplied at an extremely fast speed, causing Sub-51 to outgrow the security systems of the laboratory and evade the research complex. This eventually led to the start of The Eradication.