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Name: LtGray (Prefer Gray)
In-Game Name: Nala
Age: 18
In-Game Age: 24
Gender: Male
In-Game Gender: Female

Howdy, It's Gray!

Welcome to my own space in this wiki lol

Just chillin lol

Who am I?

I'm a chill 8teen yr old just tryna live life and take care of my little family ♥ I'm pretty social so if you see me in-game, come say hi!!

My Hobbies/Likes

  • Gaming
    • I play all kinds of games!
      • (Mostly RPGs, MMOs, and Sandboxes)
    • I also develop games!
  • Art
    • I draw a lot of eye art and a lot is gorey
      • (I suck at drawing bodies lol)
  • Cooking
    • I love cooking everything
    • I mostly cook like main meal items like steaks, burgers, and chicken. I'm just really good at cooking meat.
      • (Don't ask about baking, I suck at it!)

A picture of me taken by Echo!

How I came to be?

A few days ago, I came upon this game while looking for social games and MMOs and stuff, I found Kemoverse Online on and the description of the game had me hooked. I logged on, created my character and when I stepped outside I saw a fellow by User:Echo. He greeted me and we talked for a bit before he showed me around this amazing little world I was completely hooked and joined the Discord, Yk the rest.


Discord: realltgray Youtube: LtGray