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Hi, i am the rarest player in kemoverse, ill kinda be online in events, but mostly online for rave events

Who I am in Kemoverse?

Punkin Just looking at the sky

Well i just play as myself, Punkin, Always just mysterious n such, because i dont normally join the game alot i mean like, i found this game a year ago i think, and i just, started to like it thats all....But i mean, i like the game because of its graphics and effects.....And the Events too

Why do you like the rave events?

Well...Because its music and a rave with a million people, I actually have some good times in rave events...

Who are you actually in real life?

I dont often say my real name, but Im Punkin, A person that is a creator and loves games, and no, im not a furry, i just like the game because its good thats all....Maybe a little too much......Nah its fine.

Any Favorite People in Kemoverse?

Actually yes, i have 3, Lumi, Paru, And Echo.

Favorite games?

Roblox, Yume Nikki, People Playground, A hat in time, Pizza tower- heck, i like games that are good and the community likes it, just like Kemoverse Online

Why do you call yourself the rarest Player in kemoverse?

Well....I dont know, maybe you should come in kemoverse often and see why im rarest [Spoilers: I dont come in normal days]

Whats your other profiles?

Twitter, Youtube, Discord, And Scratch

What is your character's backstory? because Echo had one i think

Below this catagory

The Backstory

Me just sitting out in the rain

Punkin was just a human before, sitting around his house, just chilling, after some time, one of his friends emailed him something, it wasn't any normal was something....weird, Punkin's Friend emailed him a game called Kemoverse online? he was confused but he decided to download it on his pc and get it to start, Once he opened the game, he was prompt with a character creator, he made his character to be a cyan dog kemo, and he was happy with it, but once he clicked confirm, a portal opened in his computer, Punkin was scared because he thought his friend was just so nice to just give him a game, but it turned out just to be a gateway to inside it, the portal then forcefully sucked him inside, Punkin tried to hang on to the edge of the computer, but he fully got sucked in the computer and the computer forcefully turned off, after 2 days of a coma, He wakes up, In a newly different place....a place called.....Kemoverse, and thats the backstory.

Why do you like hunting shrooms in the kemoverse?

Tasty and easy to catch

Did you even come back in the game on a normal day?

Yeah i did

Any new people you met?

Well there is one but i forgot haha...

Other Questions From Other People in the kemoverse

This is where i get questions from other people if they feel curious about it

Do you normally share your state and what country you live in?

No...Because i might get doxxed somehow

Do you trust anyone?

No because im still new somehow

Do you normally like being in the kemoverse alone?

Yeah because i get some time to hunt and stuff and i can leave at any time

Do you really like the Kemoverse?

Yeah i do

At any time will you share your state and country?

Still no

Will you still be in the kemoverse?

If i feel like it yeah

Do you have any friends in the Kemoverse?

Only a few...


Theres only a few questions left, lets just get this done...

Do you do other stuff when your not playing kemoverse?

Yeah...I do

Why didn't you feel like the beta stuff is a good idea?

Well, there is 2 problems, one, its gonna be payed stuff, two, im not sure if i have the money for it....

Do you have final words before beta comes?

Im gonna say them before Beta comes

Do you like the kemoverse?


Do you miss the old days?


Do you...Just want it to not be payed?


Are you ok..?


Do you miss your kemoverse friends when the beta is payed?


Do you think theres a way to keep them without losing them when you close kemoverse..?

I dont know...

Info about Punkin Please!

Alright Alright...But lets make this quick Name: Punkin Age: [Not gonna talk about it] Desc: A Kemono Who's not from here?

Punkin Fun Facts

Where i place all my fun facts here, and under the fun fact is desc about it

Fun Fact #1: Punkin normally thinks if they even care about him when alone

That is actually true, i just think about if anyone even cares about me and such, because i now realize this community knows about me and all what it has for me, so im the only one who likes to be here because the community is just the same like me kinda

Fun Fact #2: Punkin is a little quiet in book club events

Maybe its because im working on other stuff while the event is happening, who knows...

Fun Fact #3: Punkin will normally put his head down if hes sad or doesn't wanna talk

He does that alot, so if you see him with his head down, you may need to check on him

Fun Fact #4: Punkin's Dorm Gets Visited By Merka And ??? [Unknown]

Yeah Merka Normally Visits to check, but im not really sure about the other one

and thats it..

Dont expect to make me ask more questions, if i feel like it, im gonna share other stuff below all of this