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An unofficial player manual page (1/2).
An unofficial player manual page (2/2).
NOTE: Controls are unchangeable prior to all current builds of Kemoverse Online. Controls highly differ with a gamepad.

Basic Controls (Keyboard)

Chat Box/Spacebar: Prepares chat interface for text input.

Movement Keys/WASD: Controls for moving forward, left, right, and backward. Alternate tap between A and D initiate running movement.

Inverted Camera Movement keys/Arrow Keys: (Press UP ↑ to look down, press DOWN ↓ to look up, press LEFT ← to look to right, and press RIGHT → to look left.

Bottom Menu Switch/1234: Switch to Chat, Look, Pack, Cards.

View Calendar/Z key: Shows calendar menu.

View Journal/X key: Shows student journal view.

Debug Command or (/) forward slash key: Begins chat interface with a debug command syntax (/) forward slash symbol.

Exit Menu/backspace, delete key: Exits opened menus.

Free Camera/F5 key: Detaches player camera around the player avatar.

Remove User Interface/F6 key: Removes game user interface elements.

Screenshot/F12 key: Detaches player camera around the player avatar.

Gesture Change/G key: Cycles to 3 other standing arm poses.

Cancel, Cancel Animation/ESC key: Tapping once cancels object lock-on interaction. Tapping twice cancels occurring dancing/emotive/arm animations

Phone Menu/B key: Opens player phone.

Other Controls: Stationary Gesture Change/Ctrl+ G key: Cycles to sitting poses, and lied down gestures.

Basic Controls (Mouse)

Interact, Select, Target/Left Mouse Button: Pointing to an interactive object using the mouse cursor allows for in-game prompts to appear: to open doors, use items, talk with NPCS, interact with players, fish, dig, etcetera.

Normal Camera Movement Button/Right Mouse Button: (Click and hold UP ↑ the mouse cursor to look up, click and hold DOWN ↓ the mouse cursor to look down, click and hold LEFT ← the mouse cursor to look to left, and click and hold RIGHT → the mouse cursor to look right (normal controls).

Zoom In, Zoom Out/Mouse Forward Scroll, Mouse Backward Scroll: Zooms in or out while in the default camera view: third-person view.

First-person View Mode/Mouse Forward Scroll: Maximizing the forward scrolling, transitions the player camera into first-person view.

Spray Paint/Left Mouse Button: draws/selects/erases illustration inside the spray can painting menu.

Browse Computer/Left Mouse Button: to click computer apps and browse.

Bullet Hell Game "Teho" Movement/Mouse Movement: to maneuver and do sick extreme reaction time dodges in-game.

Basic Controls (Gamepad)