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Lore events are unique NPC led events held every wednesday for both European and American standard timezones. Attending them are a way for you to learn more about the world, characters, and themes present in the world through live-acted, interactive characters among with other players. The subjects are often about the world itself and your characters role in it.


Merka doing room inspection.

Room inspection

Room inspection is a bi-weekly checkup on contribution performance of each room by Merka. She will visit each room and comment on the contents of the room, such as the design, furnishing, and thematic value. She might sometimes even challenge room owners to follow a theme until next inspection day!


Onrakh teaching about Nova.

Onrakh performs a mixture of practical and listening lessons to teach about the cultural, social and productive realities of being a Kemonae and preparing the students for their life in the town. To teach this, she holds a series of lessons split up in parts that breaks down your purpose, duty, and discipline while also teaching the basics in various activities you can do around campus, such as planting, fishing or harvesting.

All of the lessons loop around after it ends.

Lesson 1

Onrakh teaches about Nova and the basic morale that every Kemonae carry.

Lesson 2

Onrakh teaches about the town, Khara, where you, the Kemonae, are meant to arrive at the end of your studies.

Lesson 3

Onrakh teaches about exploration and harvesting mushrooms.

Lesson 4

Onrakh teaches about aquatic and terrestial creatures.

Lesson 5

Onrakh teaches about cultivating your own plants and turning them to edible foods.

Lesson 6

Onrakh teaches about creative duties and tasks, such as playing instruments, painting, and decorating.

Lesson 7

Onrakh teaches about disciplinary behavior - cooking, cleaning, and general mannerisms.

Lesson 8

Onrakh finishes the class with a group visit to an ancient ruin from a long, long time ago.


Ikt is called for duties in the town at the moment, but he often teaches more theoretical, historical and geographical facts and knowledge.


Anjra is called for duties in the town at the moment, but she often teaches anatomical facts and tips for maintining mental and physical health.