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Eating a bowl of food replenishing both hunger and energy levels.

Energy is a gameplay mechanic added in Kemoverse Alpha 11. It dictates how fast a player could move.

A player can restore their energy by sitting (Ctrl+G [see controls]) on the ground or with a chair. A player can also replenish their energy by consuming Vegetations, Bugs, Mushrooms, and Fishes or by eating a well done soup (see cooking).

The following are pale red text prompts declaring the player's current hunger level:

"Your energy is crucially low. You feel fatigued."[edit]

If the player does not rest by sitting (see controls). The player would lose the following capabilities:

The player can no longer dig with a shovel (see tools and planting.)

The player can no longer catch critters with a bugnet (see tools and catching.)

The player can no longer do fishing (see tools and fishing.)

"Your energy is running out. You feel worn out."[edit]

"Your energy is getting low. You feel quite tired."[edit]

The player can no longer run (see controls.)

"Your energy is a bit low. You feel it a little, but it's okay."[edit]

"Your energy is plenty. You feel rested and ready."[edit]

"Your energy is still there. You feel very relaxed."[edit]

"Your energy is high. You feel alert and vitalized."[edit]

"Energetic and refreshed! You're feeling active and capable."[edit]

The player can walk and run at maximum speed.